More than 100 people are already satisfied

Rebeca Sala

"I feel stronger, more powerful, and above all, more respectful of myself. . ."
Katie Gilchrist

"Ixi is incredibly knowledgeable in this area and has such a kind heart!"
Juana Erice

"Ixi empowers people and gets them to achieve extraordinary things."
Filipa Ribeiro

"8 weeks of learning, revolution of myself, unblocking, self awareness and satisfaction."
Sarah Valastro

"Ixi's coaching style made me feel empowered and no longer
like a victim"
Beatriz Fernández

"The course was super interesting, but the best comes later, when you unintentionally put it into practice... "
Triana Zárate

"I feel fortunate to have met her,and since I know her I haven't stopped recommending her. Put Ixi in your life!"
Carla Pérez

"I only wish I had taken this course with Ixi before. I feel I have grown up so much in such a short period of time . . ."
MªÁngeles Estévez

"How many things we would do better in our lives, if we were taught all of these in our childhood!"
Teresa Cuesta

"We all want to achieve our goals ... Ixi knows how to guide you to achieve it with satisfaction."
Claudia Peral

"Ixi helped me make crucial decisions in my life. I recommend her sessions without hesitation!"
Sara Ln

"When I talk to Ixi I feel peace. Sometimes I really wish I could take her with me 24/7."
Sara del Egido

"I have progressed at lightspeed with SATISFACTION! So much faster than with any other therapy!"
Paloma Muntaner

"SATISFACTION has been a 'personal revolution'. There has been a before and after in my life."
Carmen Pérez

"My goal was to quit smoking! Hard yes, but not impossible if you become aware of your strengths!"
Alicia Ruiz Quesada

"Everyone tells me I look gorgeous, that I have changed.I am back to the Ali I used to be."
Carlota Rubial

"These sessions triggered a switch in my brain, that inspired me to make use of the tools I learnt"
Beatriz Hernández

"This course has made me appreciate the journey and not just
the finish line. .."
Elisabeth Hernández

"SATISFACTION came into my life and opened the door
to connection."
Élida Muñiz

"Ixi invites you to open your eyes; and see that you suffer because how you interpret your world."
Sofía Quetglas

"The things that Ixi shared were so positive, without falling into the phenomenon 'Mr.Wonderful'"
Vanessa Rodríguez Alfaro

"I can start by saying that for me this course marked a
'before and after' in my life"
Olga López

"Ixi helped me leaving my confort zone and finally
becoming independent. "
Marina Fágil

"Ixi invites us to embrace reality and shape it to our needs. She has answers for everything..."
Sara del Egido

"He avanzado a la velocidad de la luz con SATISFACTION. Mucho más rápido que con cualquier terapia"
Paloma Muntaner

"SATISFACTION ha sido una 'revolución personal'. Un antes y un después..."
Carmen Pérez

"Mi objetivo era: ¡Dejar de fumar! Difícil sí , pero no imposible si eres consciente de tus fortalezas."