What is Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions, feelings and relationships.

It is a skill you can learn (at any age!). More than Emotional Intelligence Coaching, I think we could call it Emotional Fitness: Emotions can be trained and thoughts and beliefs can be transformed. Just as with your body. The more you train, the better you will feel!

Coaching is the practical process of self-awareness, personal development and emotional training that comes from the principle that knowledge is already within you.

The best way to explain what coaching means is with a metaphor: If you have a physical problem, you go to a doctor. However, if you want to improve your physical state, you visit a personal trainer. An Emotional Intelligence Coach is a personal trainer of the mind and emotions. I help you improve your mental and emotional wellbeing through tools that allow you to overcome limits and maximise your potential.


What is

Satisfaction is my philosophy, it is a play on words that reflects the essence of all that I do.

I believe that satisfaction resides in the action.

I know that long-lasting, healthy transformations are achieved by learning to find joy in the process (little daily actions) rather than the end result. I hope that my work inspires and invites positive change. I believe big achievements are the sum of small, well taken steps.

That is why I’d like to introduce to you my program SATISFACTION: My Emotional Intelligence course designed to help you find fulfilment in each small step. The program lasts 8 weeks and has been completed by more than 50 people already, read what they have to say here.


Program Structure

WEEKS 1 & 2

•   Recognition, Acceptance and Liberation of Emotions

•   Shame and Guilt Resilience

•   Accurate Self Assessment

•   Life, Passion and Purpose Discovery

•   Paying Attention to Attention


WEEKS 3 & 4

•   Emotional Balance
•   Actions and Values Alignment 
•   Time and Energy Management
•   Mindfulness: Clear and focused mindset
•   Adaptability: Act as you want to feel 

WEEKS 5 & 6

• Empathy Skills
• Environment and Context Awareness
• Listening and Articulation
• Change of Perception
• Setting Clear Expectations and Boundaries

WEEKS 7 & 8

• Non-Violent Communication Skills
• Vulnerability and Encouragement Practice
• Failure and Frustration Resilience
• The Art of Feedback
• Inspiration and Leadership

Is SATISFACTION what I am looking for?

SATISFACTION is for you if . .

  • You want your resolutions to be something more than paper
  • You want to prioritise your passions and build them into your reality
  • You want your weekdays to look more like your weekends
  • You want to change something in your life but you don’t know how
  • You want to squeeze your time and experience every second through your 5 senses
  • You want to feel confident and satisfied every day of the year

SATISFACTION is not for you if . .

  • You are not willing to leave your comfort zone
  • You want all your problems to be solved overnight without action
  • You are looking Fairy Godmother to take care of things for you

Any Questions?


How do I solve doubts?

By signing up for this course, I give you access to a whatsapp group where you can ask what you want, you can also consult me by email or bring your doubts to the next session.

How do you pay for the course?

If you do the group course you will pay at the Relevium Clinic where they can provide you with funding. If you do it individually you can make two payments by transfer. You also have the option of doing individual sessions.

What do I need to access the SATISFACTION course?

YOU WIN! The course does not require prior knowledge in the area of Emotional Intelligence. We start from scratch and step by step.


How much time do I have to invest?

In this course there are no ‘Tengos que’. Apart from sessions, you dedicate the time you consider to your personal development. Remember: You direct, you believe, you act, you decide.

When to do a coaching process?

+ At any time you want to improve some aspect of your life + When you are in a process of change + When it is time to make decisions and you do not know what to do + When you want to improve the relationship you have with you + When you want to improve any of your relationships + When you feel that anxiety or fear is paralyzing you + When you want to communicate something and don’t know how to + When you just want to know yourself better or learn to manage yourself differently

What are the benefits of Emotional Intelligence coaching?

+ Free yourself from your imposed limitations + Create space in your days for your passions and dreams and make time your ally + Learn to drive your emotions instead of being driven by them + Connect with your inner world and your outside world. + Discover your strengths and the wonders you can do with them + Use the power to choose to unlock and flow + Get rid of expectations, mark your limits consciously and incorporate feedback in your life + Use the power of language to tune into your inner dialogue and start communicating through empathy, gratitude and love