On Air: Women, Traveling, and Emotional Intelligence! Do you have a ‘WHY’?

A couple of months ago I was interviewed by a very well known Spanish Radio called Onda Cero, and today I would love to share with you the conversation. No worries, I have added English Subtitles! In the interview, I had the chance to talk about my WHY.

To have a ‘why’ is so important to do anything in life, I talked about why I do what I do and why I live how I live!

Why Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

This is a big question, and definitely, the big WHY for what I do what I do… When I first started learning about Daniel Goleman’s work around 2006 I got fascinated by the concept of Emotional Intelligence. I remember devouring his book: ‘Emotional intelligence. Why it can matter more than IQ.’ and I could not believe how undervalued Emotional Intelligence was at schools, why didn’t anyone teach us about this? Why was not there a subject at schools to learn to manage our anger, our sadness, our frustration, our laziness? Emotions have an effect on all that we do, and yet, it wasn’t taken into account. If you have a big emotional issue, you don’t sleep, you don’t function…

Emotions have so much power if we let them take control of us. If we don’t learn how to manage them, they manage us. 

In my childhood, I assumed lots of responsibilities that didn’t correspond to my age due to my circumstances and experiences (Like many people do). My mum went through some hard times, and I suffered because of it, and now I can tell you… I am so grateful for that! Thanks to those hurtful experiences I had my first contact with the world of psychology and I learn to train my emotions from a very young age! However, I am still learning, and I always will. As well as Emotional Intelligence, I believe in Emotional Fitness.

Emotions can be trained as our body can! The more you train, the fitter you get and the easier it is to hold heavy weights and to handle hard times.

When you stop training, you rapidly lose the habits that provide you with happiness and satisfaction. That is why my mission is to spread Emotional Intelligence and Emotional fitness through coaching around the world. If you want to learn more about this or if you are wondering whether you need a coach or not, you can check the article on ‘Emotional Fitness: Do You Know Why You Need a Coach?’

Why Traveling?

In the interview, we talk about my travelling experience. In the last 4 years, I have lived in four different countries so there was a lot to talk about regarding that. It was fascinating for me to go back and put into words what I had got from each of these places. The countries we talk about are

  • Spain (Especially Galicia in the north, where I had the interview)
  • Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA)
  • The UK (Especially Manchester, where I was living for two years)
  • Australia!
  • Argentina (Funny enough, only two months ago I was convinced that I was going to move to this beautiful country in South America this year, and now, it looks like plans are changing! I think part of what you get from travelling is flexibility! I am now happy to go with the flow and see where life takes me next! Anything can happen in the following two months, but I promise to keep you updated!)

To read more about this lifestyle I share with my partner you can check the article: ‘Country Sampling Lifestyle: Weighing Pros and Cons’. We don’t just travel for holidays, we move to new countries and we don’t live them until we feel at home!

Why Women?

I am so happy that Susana (The interviewer) asked me this question, which I often get to answer in all kinds of environments: ‘Why do you work just with women?’ As I said on the air, it is nothing to do with excluding men! To start with, there are differences between women and men in the way we handle and deal with emotions.  I work with groups, which has many advantages but as well a disadvantage: The bigger the group, the less time or one-one attention each woman gets! That is why I consider that making the first groups just for women would allow me to make the sessions so much more specific and tailored to the women’s way of managing emotions and needs!

Satisfaction: A Mission, A Movement, A Mindset.

If you put these three WHY’s together, you get my idea of what a dream world will be like for me and what my dream life looks like!

Each day I work towards the mission of spreading Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence around the world, so we act through love rather than fear, and we create a happier nicer planet!

Hopefully, this mindset will keep spreading and it will become a global movement for women, for men and for anyone who wants to experience a satisfied lifestyle!

If you like this interview and this article I would love you to share it, so together we can spread the word and start today to make Emotional Intelligence count!

I leave you now with the interview…

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