Melissa Ambrosini Opens Wide to Satisfaction

It is finally December the 18th, the day that Melissa Ambrosini releases her new book: OPEN WIDE.

Just before leaving Australia I had a conversation with her in which we talked about her new book, relationships, expectations and much more…

so today my second Christmas Satisfaction Present is the second episode of the Satisfaction Series Podcasts with Melissa.

In this conversation, we talked about …

-Her New Book

-Tips for couples who live and work together

Difference between independence and emotional attachment 

-Her view on expectations

-How to find the one 

-What is Soulful Sex 

-What to do to maintain sexual desire with your partner

-Why is important to find Satisfaction within

-The importance of the Clear, Crystal Communication, meditation and self love practices

You can find her at :

You can get her book at: